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Mask Mandate Update After Spring Break

In an effort to continue keeping our students and staff safe, we will be extending the mandatory mask wearing for one week after spring break,  through at least Friday, April 8th. Our hope is to decrease the chance of a  potential spread due to increased travel and...

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Mask Mandate Update

Denver Public Schools recently announced that mask mandates will no longer be required at schools starting Monday, February 28.  At STRIVE Prep, we wanted to hear from our community of staff and families to understand their needs and comfort moving forward before...

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Virtual open houses schedule

STRIVE Prep offers some of the best, FREE schools in your neighborhood.  Round 1 of Denver Public Schools’ SchoolChoice opens Jan. 15! Apply to a STRIVE Prep school before Feb. 16 to have the best chance of enrolling in the school of your choice.  Whether in-person or...

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Mr. Mullen served in the US Peace Corps immediately after graduation, ultimately jump starting his career in education. Upon completion of the Peace Corps, Mr. Mullen taught in Northwest Denver as a 5th-grade bilingual teacher. Feeling ambitious, Mullen moved with his wife to NYC, where he received his Masters Degree in International Educational Development and Administration. Mullen was awarded the Campbell Award for campus leadership while at Columbia University. Missing the classroom, Mullen taught 8th Grade ELA at Success Academy Charter Schools in the North Central Harlem community. The Rocky Mountains were calling, and Mullen moved back to Colorado in 2019 after accepting a job as the Assistant Principal of Instruction at Strive Prep- Westwood. Mr. Mullen has loved his time in the Southwest Denver community and is relentlessly committed to providing a robust and rich experience for staff, students, and families. 

At STRIVE Prep – Westwood we are committed to the core beliefs of Achievement, Justice, and Perseverance. As a school, we combine rigorous academics with high expectations to ensure students are well prepared for high school. Each day, students receive 100 minutes of ELA and Math, supplemented  with 50 minutes of Science, World Studies, Art and Gym. We work to ensure that students are valued for their full authentic self, and celebrated for their achievements. As a team of teachers and students, we believe that we never give up, even when the work is hard.  As principal, I am dedicated to protecting the physical and emotional safety of your student. Creating, and maintaining secure learning environments is paramount to driving the academic success of your child. Thank you for considering Westwood, I am excited to do this work with you. Go Panthers!

Nate Mullen

School Leader |

Academics at STRIVE Prep – Westwood

STRIVE Prep middle schools offer extended time courses in both English and Math, where students receive a combination of grade level instruction through a rigorous curriculum coupled with individualized instruction to match their individual learning needs. Students explore real-world phenomena through an application-based online driven Science course, and engage in rich collaboration with peers and critical thinking activities in a project-based World Studies course. Students receive interventions for their specific individualized needs throughout the day, whether that be English Language Development, Basic Reading Skills, or Advancement. Finally, all students have the opportunity to engage in arts-based and movement-based electives throughout their middle school years; and each of our schools offers unique after-school activities to accompany a well-rounded school day.

Athletics and Activities at STRIVE Prep – Westwood


    • Art Club
    • Student Council



    • Co-Ed Flag Football 
    • Girls Volleyball


    • Girls Basketball
    • Boys Basketball


    • Girls Soccer
    • Boys Soccer
    • Co-Ed Baseball

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    Grades and Hours


    School Hours:

    Mondays: 7:50-1:30pm

    Tues-Fri: 7:50 a.m. – 3:30pm

    Office Manager and Registrar

    Maria Salcedo

    Phone: 303.962.9880

    Address: 3201 W. Arizona Ave. West Entrance Denver, Co 80219

    School Lunch Help: Call Charter choice at


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